Albarella Golf Links

A full-immersion into the nature

The experience of playing at Albarella Golf Links is a full-immersion in the lush nature of the Po Delta Regional Park, suspended between the sea and the lagoon, with wild animals that have learned to live in symbiosis with humans and golfers. Between a hole and the other, you will meet fallow deer, pheasants,  ducks and many other species of birds.

Among its lagoons, its valleys and its woodland of maritime pines, landscapes recognized with two UNESCO World Heritage, World Heritage and Biosphere Reserve, live thousands of specimens of animals belonging to wild species, that contribute to create a unique ecosystem within the Island.

The Mediterranean maquis covers 528 hectares, with 2 million trees of 150 different arboreal species, including the maritime pine and the white poplar, the Populus Alba, from which the island takes its name.

Surrounded by the lagoon and the sea, 100% of its surface is under strict environmental protection.


Sustainable management

In line with the philosophy of Playgolf54 and the values of the island of Albarella, the maintenance of the course is carried out according to the most evolved principles of environmental sustainability.

impegnati nel verde 1Albarella Golf Links has moine the Oncourse program developed by Golf Environment Organization and is working to achieve the GEO Environmental Certification: the most important sustainability recognition in the world of golf!

In 2020 Albarella Golf Links has been awarded by the Italian Golf Federation with the prestigious Environmental Award 'Committed to Green' for its numerous actions in support of the biodiversity'


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